Hair Waving Irons to the Test - 2020


Curls and waves in hair are on the rise (no pun intended!), women want voluminous hair again.  If you intend to buy a wave iron, you should consider a wave iron test beforehand.  The results help you to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of the individual devices and then make a final purchase decision.  Of course, a wave iron test can only serve as a rough guide, ultimately you have to know yourself which aspects are most important to you with such a device.


Our wave iron test

In our wave iron test, the current top sellers are against each other and there is a clearset of  winners, namely the Babyliss Pro.  In terms of price and quality, these models are very close together. We have already introduced these in more detail below, our test is now about the direct comparison of the individual criteria.  We are excited to see which device will finally be ahead of the game after our wave iron test. These are the 2 best wave irons (April/2020):


Test winner (04/2020) Babyliss wave iron The Babyliss wave iron is very convincing and delivers very nice and long-lasting waves. Our tip! View the test report on Amazon.

2nd place, also convincing was the INFINITIPRO wave iron which is almost as good in our opinion as the Babyliss model. View the test report on Amazon


Conclusion of our wave iron test


Both the Babyliss and the INFINITIPRO wave iron are top products that are also worth their price.  So we can highly recommend both products. However, if you look at the direct comparison, the Babyliss Welleisen Tourmaline Pulse bab2269e has a wafer-thin lead overall and is thus the test winner. It is the best wave iron currently available.  Babyliss is clearly the market leader in wave irons and from a review point of view a great buy.


Don't forget to check out our hair waving irons buying guide below the following information:

Buying guide

Hair waving buyers guide April 2020


The selection of wave irons in huge, especially online, countless devices are offered, so that a decision is not easy.  If you value good quality, easy handling and a long shelf life, then the price should not be the most important criterion when making your purchase decision.

However, there is currently a very clear favorite for consumers, as shown by numerous reviews.  The test winner is currently the Babyliss.  So if you want to buy such a device, you should definitely have a look at it closely and definatley consider it. 

The temperature can be adjusted individually, and even at a higher level, the wave iron is very gentle on your hair, and the short heating-up phase also inspires. Since it is a triple corrugated iron, you can process thicker strands so that the time required is very short. The device has a long cable that also rotates so that you can handle it very comfortably.

The waves are very natural and last longer than a day. A finger protection is included in the scope of delivery, so that your hands are protected from burns. For an acceptable price, you can really buy a wave iron that does a good job and is also first-class workmanship.

These were the test criteria in the wave iron test


Plate size and coating

The plate size of a wave iron primarily determines the amount of time that you have to calculate for hairstyling. The wider the heating plates are, the wider strands you can grasp with them, so that you have processed all hair faster. Both devices have large plates, so that with both wave irons, the time required for long hair is around 30 minutes. Tondeo and Babyliss use ceramic with tourmaline crystals for the heating plates, so that ions are released when heated. So your hair doesn't fly afterwards and get a wonderful shine.


Temperature regulation

Regulating the temperature makes it possible for you to take your own hair type into account, which is a very important point in a wave iron test. In addition, you only have to put as much heat on your hair as is absolutely necessary to define beautiful and durable waves. Both models have five different temperature levels, the highest for the Tondeo model is 210 degrees, for Babyliss 200 degrees are the upper limit. However, 200 degrees should be enough for a good styling of your hair, so that Tondeo offers no real advantage.


Hair Waving Iron Warm-up time

The heating-up phase is very short for both devices, so that there is a clear draw in the wave iron test.

Look and durability of the waves

Of course, it doesn't help that the waves just look good, the result should last as long as possible. With both wave irons you have quite a bit longer than oneSome of your hair all day. Use a lather when styling and shape the hair the next morning with hairspray. With the two devices you can create beautiful, natural waves, so that especially the trendy beach waves can be styled with them.


Easy to use

Because of their robustness, both wave irons are quite heavy, so it could get a little difficult over time. For this, however, both Tondeo and Babyliss have thought of a long cable that can also follow every movement thanks to the swivel joint. You can easily change the temperature during use. With the Tondeo Cerion Wave Styler Big, the wheel for regulating the temperature is attached to the side of the handle. This can lead to the temperature being adjusted unnoticed during use. In our wave iron test, the Babyliss Pro - Tourmaline Pulse wave iron bab2269e has a small advantage.


Scope of delivery

With the scope of delivery, the Babyliss Pro - Tourmaline Pulse wave iron bab2269e definitely scores. It is not only supplied with a thermal mat for storing the hot device. You also get a glove to protect your fingers from possible burns. With the Tondeo Cerion Wave Styler Big you have to order these accessories separately.



The last point in our wave iron test is the price, which is of course not unimportant. The two devices don't take much here. The Tondeo Cerion Wave Styler Big is currently available on Amazon for around 44 euros, the Babyliss Pro - Tourmaline Pulse wave iron bab2269e is currently just under 48 euros. But you also get accessories from Babyliss, which easily makes up for the slightly higher price.


Where to buy a wave iron?


Amazon is the first point of contact for the purchase of wave iron. The best thing to do is to buy wave iron from Amazon, because there you simply have the largest selection. Of course, such devices are also available at the hairdresser, but there you usually only get a very specific product, you cannot expect a large selection in the salons. Another option would be an electronics store, but most of the time the staff is not sufficiently informed to give you good advice. You can also read the opinions of other women on the individual wave irons at Amazon to get a good picture. Reviews from others are usually much more helpful than in-store advice. Above all, consumers are very honest when it comes to possible disadvantages of the devices.


We have created this page to help you make the decision if you want to buy a wave iron online. That is why we present the best and most popular devices and compare them with each other.


You should pay attention to this when using hair waving irons:


  • Styling with heat is always a strain on your hair, that should be clear. Therefore, when using your wave iron, you should always pay attention to a few important points to treat your hair as gently as possible. Under no circumstances should you use the device every day to keep your hair healthy. Especially if your hair is already contaminated with dyeing or other chemical treatments anyway.
  • Always think about heat protection, that's the be-all and end-all when using the wave iron or other styling devices. So use a good heat protection spray evenly on your hair beforehand. So that the waves later last as long as possible, you should then work in a foam stabilizer for strong hold in the hair.
  • Divide your hair into several sections with a stem comb so that you can work on it strand by strand. Don't set the wave iron too hot, try a low setting first. If the waves are not strong enough, you can still slowly increase the temperature.
  • As soon as the indicator light shows that the right temperature has been reached, place the device on the first strand of hair as close as possible to the head and then press the heating plates together briefly. Then you drive down the strand a little further and press it back together for a few seconds. In this way, you work your way slowly to the ends of your hair and do the same with the remaining strands of hair.
  • Once you have finished all the hair, run your fingers through carefully to loosen it up a bit so that the waves fall naturally. In order for the waves to survive the day well, you should finally spray a hairspray for strong hold. Most of the time it is enough if you loosen your hair again the next morning and use hairspray to enjoy the waves for another day.


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