Folding ladders Reviews and Buying Guide and Reviews 2020


Folding ladders are an ideal solution for getting to high places and not sacrificing too much space. Usually you have to compromise, but here two things can be combined. 

Folding ladders are practical household helpers for inside and outside. With high-mounted ceiling lights, you can easily change the bulbs with a folding ladder.  When renovating and painting the walls, a ladder helps to get around corners and columns, so you can paint your walls flawlessly.  But folding ladders can also be useful in the garden.  You can approach tall vines or pick apples and pears from the tree.  The practical thing about a folding ladder is that it can be folded away behind a door or stowed under a storage bed.  This means that the ladder does not take up any space or stands around when it is not in use.  Folding ladders are available in many sizes and designs, no matter whether you just need a step to get to high shelves or to do gardening.


Thanks to the folding technique, you can reach high heights and also get to difficult places.  But you don't have to give up a lot of space for a bulky ladder, since it doesn't take up much space when folded up. It is then easy to store. Folding ladders are particularly suitable for reaching high places on trees, for example.


Usually a simple step or smaller ladders are no longer sufficient.  There are a lot of differences in the quality of these ladders, which should be noted. If you go on such a ladder, you should be sure that it is safe.  A good construction and a firm stand generally ensure safety. Some ladders have extended feet or extendable feet for fixing the ladder.


The point at which the ladder is folded out and in should be particularly well secured.  Here you should definitely trust a metal construction that is more stable than a plastic construction.  Such a device prevents the ladder from collapsing during use. Such folding ladders are especially useful if you have to adjust the height frequently, such as when painting a facade. Many folding ladders offer flexible height adjustment using a snap-in function.  Thus, the height can be individually adjusted if there is such a thing. As with any other ladder, care should be taken to ensure that the surfaces are secure, which should ideally be structured and not smooth.

Buying guide

A Quick Guide to folding ladders

If you are looking for a practical ladder for the household or a craft job and would like to use it inside and out, then the folding ladder might be the right model. You can not only buy them comparatively cheap, but also choose between many models with different special features and additions.


Folding ladders: What do the individual models offer?

Whether in your own four walls or while practicing a craft profession, there is always something to do and often in higher places.  Be it changing a light bulb, painting and wallpapering walls or fitting shelves. All of these projects will only rarely be able to be accomplished through your own height.  Ladders that can be folded up offer various advantages in many ways.


You can usually find folding ladders made of aluminum.  These are very light in weight and can therefore be transported quickly and anywhere.  Despite their slim design and the lightness of the material, most models can be loaded up to 150 kg.  With regard to occupational safety, some basic equipment should be available.  These include primarily the so-called non-slip foot caps, because these prevent the ladder from slipping even on smooth floors.  So that not only does the ladder have a firm hold, but you can also step firmly and securely on it, you should have profiled steps. In connection with non-slip shoes, the task at hand can be solved faster and, above all, safely.  In addition to the aluminum ladders, wooden ladders are also purchased.  Such designs are particularly common among painters. But even if a skilled craftsman works on the ladder, it should also have an anti-slip part and an anti-spread device made of tear-resistant straps or a safety bar.


The multifunctional or multi-purpose ladder is also a special type of ladder design.  It is a combination of leaning ladder and step ladder.  The advantage lies in the wide range of possible uses.  The folding ladders can also be folded, but multi-purpose ladders are folded in such a way that they can then also be used as single ladders. In some models, the ladder can be extended by a second part to reach very high points.  However, these also cost more than a conventional ladder.


Extensions: This makes working faster and more convenient


To change a bulb or attach a ceiling lamp, you need a lot of equipment and material, such as a screwdriver and suitable screws or a screwdriver and dowels, to prepare everything for attaching a picture.  In any case, it is practical to have a storage tray.  All accessories and material can be clearly placed on this and within reach. On the other hand, if a wall is to be painted, it can be very annoying and time-consuming to climb down to the bucket after each coat.  A folding ladder with bucket hook offers an advantage here. So the paint bucket can be hung directly on the ladder and you save yourself the hassle of dismounting.




With the right equipment, this type of ladder allows you to work safely and effectively at higher places.  Depending on your own preferences, you can choose between models made of aluminum, wood and, in rare cases, plastic. It is important that even a cheap folding ladder has a minimum level of safety equipment, which is the case with all common and leading manufacturers.


Extra information:


The folding ladder: structure and functionality


Folding ladders usually have at least one stirrup joint - this is why this type of ladder is also sometimes called and articulated ladder.  This joint is halfway up.  When unfolded, the entire length of this type of ladder can be used as a single ladder.  When the bow joint is angled, these ladders become step ladders.  Numerous models have two additional stirrups.  This type of ladder is thus divided into four sections, which means that when folded, they measure only a quarter of the total length.  This construction method opens up another possible use.  If only the two outer temple joints are angled and the middle joint is straight, a U-shape is created upside down.  This means that the folding ladder can be used as a small scaffold or work platform.


Folding ladder and telescopic ladder at the same time


Various manufacturers have developed articulated ladders that can be pushed together.  These are telescopic ladders that have a joint at half their length.  These models can be reduced in size for transport.  At the same time, this type of construction results in an additional possibility of use: many of these models are accessible by stairs.  After adjusting the length of a ladder leg, they stand safely on a staircase. This means that these collapsible folding ladders are particularly interesting for painters and electrical installers.  Due to the design, these models are generally only available with one joint.  The pack size corresponds approximately to that of the models with three joints - with the same conductor length. Thus, it is also a four-part ladder.


Materials, features and accessories


Manufacturers generally use light metal (aluminium) for articulated conductors, as it is stable and weighs comparatively little.  Nevertheless, the weight of many models is between 10 and 20 kilograms.  To make moving easier, manufacturers equip some models with castors.  These are installed in such a way that they do not impair the stability of the ladder. In addition, many models have a crossbar, which increases the lateral stability. Lateral booms also perform this task. Metal or wood supports are available as accessories for the folding ladder with three joints. These make the ladder a full work platform.


Folding ladder: the distinguishing features


The most important distinguishing features are the length and stand height.  While the length dimension usually describes the maximum length when used as a leaning ladder, the standing height usually refers to the use as a stepladder.  The total weight and the pack size of the articulated ladder mainly affect handling during transport.  If the ladder is to be accessible by stairs, only a telescopic ladder with a joint can be used. However, if the model is also to serve as a work platform, the folding ladder must have three joints.  Differences in quality become clear with details such as the ladder shoes. There are models that are articulated.  As a result, the ladder with the entire shoe surface is on the ground - a safety advantage over the regular rounded ladder shoes.


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